Buchmesse Frankfurt

Every year, a different country is selected as guest of honour at Buchmesse Frankfurt, the world’s most important book fair. This means a considerable outlay for the chosen country; many of its sectors spend several years preparing for the event. By now, locations & ideas has been the German partner agency for the invited country and responsible for all local services several times. Staff, interpreters, transport, hotels, offices, interns, print products etc., we keep a tight rein on all matters that need to be organised locally. That allows the guest country to focus all of its attention on presenting its literature and culture. We have already partnered with Brazil, Indonesia, France and Georgia and we will also be giving it our all for Norway in 2019.


Continuity and development belong together. This is best illustrated by some of the events which have featured on our portfolio for more than twenty years. For over two decades, we have continuously adapted not only our concepts, but also our requirements to meet current demand, as proven by a total of more than one million visitors every year.


locations & ideas always aims to waste as few resources as possible, because the end doesn’t always justify the means. For us, “sophisticated” does not necessarily equal “wasteful”. On the one hand, it allows us to be highly efficient when achieving our goals yet on the other, we also keep the expenses of our clients to a minimum, much to their delight. As a token of its recognition of this philosophy, the city of Frankfurt’s environment office commissioned us to implement Frankfurt’s first “climate plaza” in 2017.


The only thing we can’t control is the weather! Other than that, we’re happy to assume responsibility for everything else, provided you let us. locations & ideas has almost 25 years of open-air event experience under its belt. We know exactly how to turn an expanse of green grass into an orchestra hall or a sports arena. And, which is at least equally as important, we also know exactly what to do when the weather gods are not on our side!


We don’t think that somebody who has visions should go and see their doctor (as one of Germany’s former chancellors, Helmut Schmidt, so famously said), because not having visions means no progress. Our motto is to continually define new approaches and goals. This is the only way to not only follow trends, but also set them. The latest example of this is our collaboration with MOMEM, the world’s first museum of modern electronic music, which is scheduled for development in Frankfurt am Main in 2019.

Safety first

It’s sad but true, safety and security are becoming increasingly important. Our team includes two qualified event engineers (IHK) that hold the highest training qualification currently available in this field in Germany, event safety manager (TÜV). We develop and implement meaningful safety and security concepts jointly and in coordination with all the respective government agencies. As a matter of course, we assess every event individually and, despite all the measures which must be instigated, usability and visitor comfort must be guaranteed. We therefore always employ the “4-eyes-principle” internally.


Conferences and congresses don’t always have to be the same old thing. Clients and delegates want to be treated as individuals; topics should also be addressed and presented individually. This is based on excellent communication, highly professional technology and crew in the background and detailed schedules for everything. However, the icing on the conference cake is the ability to respond situation-led, and to always find a solution.


Some events simply cannot be categorised, they are just too unique. They call for a sensitive approach and full focus right from the start of the planning stage to ensure that no detail is left unconsidered. A combination of many years of experience, intensive research and, of course, the right level of empathy are all necessary ingredients.

Our services

On the basis of your detailed briefing, we will develop your one-of-a-kind event concept.

  • Conceptual design, organisation and realisation of your event

  • Scouting and booking suitable event venues

  • Procuring any necessary special permits

  • Quote comparisons

  • Sourcing hire furniture and other hired equipment

  • Research and acquisition of artists and decorations

  • Selection and coordination of all partners such as a catering service, technology service providers etc.

  • Organisation of gifts for guests, prizes and give-aways

  • Event documentation

  • Cost monitoring to ensure that the budget is not exceeded

  • Attending all necessary local meetings prior to the event

  • Organising staff, e.g. hostesses, interpreters etc.

  • Organising chauffeur services, shuttles and bus transfers

  • Research and booking room reservations for trade fairs, conferences, congresses etc.

  • Print products and advertising materials